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GS-H1 Clearomizer
Technical report by Igor Burstyn, PhD

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GS-H1 Clearomizer
Technical report by Igor Burstyn, PhD
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E Liquid
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Vaping Terminology..
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Our ever growing mod family gets a new member...

Foggetti T22 hybrid genesis mod
Adjustable 510 connection- Adjustable airflow control (AAC)-Suitable for 18350 battery-Bottom switch fire with lock ring-Dimensions: Width = 23mm, Length = 89.5mm
Price: £33.99


GS-H1 Clearomizer

             The new GS-H1 Clearomizer....
                         arriving soon.


Passion Peach! a juicy peach flavour with a tint of peach.  This really is a premium flavour. 

Sorry only available as a PG/VG mix at 70/30%. Due to lose of flavour with VG.

Technical report by Igor Burstyn, PhD

Peering through the mist: What does the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes 
tell us about health risks?

E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?

E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?

Dozens of countries are introducing legislation restricting the use of electronic cigarettes, but their proponents say they are harmless and their use could in fact save millions of lives. Could they be right?

Vanilla Custard

My vanilla Custard e-liquid will be ready for
retail on Tuesday. Steeped (matured) for 3
weeks, with real vanilla pods. This by far has 
been the most popular e-liquid I have made
to date, and one of my personal favourites.
Although this batch is larger than others I 
make, I do not expect it to last very long. If you
would like me to hold you some back, let me
know and I will do so for you. It is only available
as a PG/VG mix at 70/30. Various strength
available as always.  ENJOY..

I have put aside 5 sample bottles, and have made another batch, that will be ready in 10 days.

SM20 RBA review

             SM20 dripping atomizer review

First impression of this atomizer is how small it is, it's
tiny! But nice looking. And built well.

It functions well, but with a lot of atomizers the air hole
is restricted, not a good flow. Very simple to rectifie,
just drill it bigger, how big is up to you, start small and 
get larger, until you find is right for you.

When first recoiling, it seems maybe this is going to be
difficult, however I was surprised to find it a lot easier than it looks. I managed the whole
process in about 5 minutes.

This is a fantastic little dripper that vapes as good as any. Drilling the air hole isn't  an issue.

With this ready to go atomizer  I have added 50cm of cotton braided wick and 50cm .32
kanthal wire, so all in all ..a good valued atomizer.

Vaping Terminology..

Vaping Terminology..
Vapor - The Americanization of the word ‘Vapour’. Cigarettes produce smoke while e-cigarettes produce a vapour that is not subject to combustion.
Vaper - A person whom is themselves an e-cigarette user. A person who vapourizes with a personal vapourizer.Also; Vaporer, Vaperer, Vapist, Vape-head, Vape Junkie.
Vape - The use of, the action of, or the reference to the vaporization and inhalation of an .Ex. A low res Boge with Orange Creamsicle juice is a great vape.

 - Electronic Cigarette Liquid. The flavoured substance that is atomized into a vapor.
 (Throat Hit) – The feeling a vaper gets when the vapor is inhaled. Described as a ‘tap’ or ‘punch’ you feel in your throat directly after inhale.
Niquid - Electronic Cigarette Liquid. More specifically, e-liquid which contains nicotine in various concentrations.
 (Personal Vaporizer) – Any device that has been built specifically for the purpose of vaping. Ex. The Calibre, eGo, Silver Bullet, etc. - Atomizer. A threaded e-cigarette attachment that is responsible for the vapour production. Generally a coil, concealed by a wire mesh bridge, that is intended for dripping e-liquid directly into the device for vaporisation.
Cart - Short for ‘cartridge’. 3 piece ‘s used to come with plastic which contained a small amount of poly fill batting that would wick into your atomizer. This method is mostly extinct with the advent of tanks and cartos.Carto - Cartomizer. A threaded e-cigarette attachment that is also responsible for vapour production, however cartomizers have a much larger juice capacity and are intended for those whom need freedom of one or more hands while vaping. This is either accomplished with Poly-fill batting around a coil or a tank of liquid with a wick to a similar effect.Tank - A cylindrical container that encases a carto, intended to automatically fill the device through slotted or punched feeding holes. Generally a more advanced e-cigarette users attachment.
Mod - 1. A device or attachment that has been made into a personal vaporizer; generally one that was not intended to be a personal vaporizer in the first place. Ex. A portable USB battery pack that has been fitted with a 510 threading.
2. Any specialty , generally a higher end device that has removable batteries vs. proprietary batteries.
Dripping - Dripping drops of juice directly into an atomizer vs. using cartomizers or tanks. Known for superior flavour and throat hit.
Dipping - An antiquated term, most notably used with exposed bridge atomizers. Said vaper will remove the cartridge and dip their atomizer directly into a pool or cup of juice.
Drip Tip - A plastic or metal atomizer attachment that allows for direct dripping into an atomizer without removal and replacement of a cartridge.
Tail-Piping - Specific to atomizers, this is when a user takes a vape directly off of an atomizer without a drip tip or a cartridge.ADV (All Day Vape) – An e-liquid that is a favorite to that specific vaper. A flavour that can be used all day without getting sick of it.
Dratty - Dry atomizer. The acrid taste of an atomizer that has not been properly filled with e-liquid. Ex. Oh man, now that was one dratty hit.
Dry Burn - A method of cleaning or enhancing the performance of an atomizer where the user activates their device until the coil is glowing red hot. Ex. I do not suggest that anyone should dry burn.
Catch Cup (Drip Well) – A small cup located around the threading of a high end  that catches any leakage from an atomizer. The catch cup is used most notably on Feeders.
Mod Hoarder - A vaper who has too much time, too much money and too little space for all the devices they have acquired. Ex. Have you seen the newest episode of Mod Hoarders? 
Modder - A vaper who likes to build devices themselves.
Repairable Atomizer - A more advanced and miserly attachment for electronic cigarettes in which you can replace popped NiChrome coils yourself. Ex. Ato-MISER, Bully A1, Genesis Line
Standard Resistance - This is the standard ohm rating of stock atomizers and cartomizers. Generally, these are the ones provided in starter kits as they are easiest for most vapers to use.
Low Resistance (LR, Low-Res) – An atomizer or cartomizer that was designed to emulate 5 volt vaping on 3.7 volt devices via a lower ohm rating. These provide more Throat Hit and Flavour than a standard / carto. Low Resistance hardware should only be used on eGo batteries or bigger.
High Voltage Carto/ (HV, High-Res) - These atomizers/cartos are intended for use on high end ‘s that function at 5 volts or higher such as the GLV. The higher ohm rated coil can withstand the higher amperage and resulting wattage.
Vapemail - After numerous days of online tracking and mailbox check, this is the delivered parcel or envelope containing vaping hardware and or e-liquid.

New studies say yes still!

A new study in the medical journal Inhalation Toxicology has found that 20 out of 21 electronic cigarette brands showed no signs of cytotoxicity (that is, toxicity that causes cell damage or death).  The study makes yet another compelling argument that electronic cigarettes do not cause an amount of harm necessitating harsh regulations and bans.
For full article click here!
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